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Male Maquillage - 4VOO Reviews | 4VOO Press Room

Just getting by on soap and water alone is passé. Even the most hardened bricklike indulges in a regular facial wash and toning routine. Where the real adventure starts, and where the future of man (apparently) lies though, is with make-up. Think of it as war paint that it remains relatively undetectable, and not boy George, please.
Male make-up has three broad, non-foppish purposes to correct blemishes; to create an androgynous look with eye-shadow and lip colour; but also to make a face look more mainly, like those featured onscreen and in magazines. The main focus is correction and enhancement – to minimize one’s flaws and play up the natural features. Be open to it. Cosmetics can do miracles. They give instant results make one look and feel more handsome, and inevitably boost confidence.
First up on the list –mascara. Used to darken, thicken, lengthen and define the lashes, male cosmetics have already hit the high street with the likes of H&M stocking their own in the boy’s section. It has been dubbed a nonconformist seduction tool and tuxedo for the eyes. And now mascara the masses. This is closely followed by eye shadow, which adds depth and dimension to the eyes when applied on the eyelids and under the brows.
Beyond gothic fashion and an unexciting subculture, eyeliner has a magical ability to make eyes stand out for miles and miles. And the women should not be the only ones benefiting from this eye-popping product. Men are getting in on the action and some girls will tell you there’s nothing sexier than a man who can work both eyeliner and a sharp suit in turn. For the consummate quality product, look no further than fabled men’s cosmetic specialists 4VOO and snap up their enhancing eyeliner. Beauty guru skin food also offers an interesting range of mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow   that employs natural ingredients in all its creations take for example, its chocolate eyeline jam – absolutely smudge proof, waterproof and as smouldering as it gets.

4voo’s enhancing eyeliner retails for usd25 online at

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

4VOO Reviews - ManOeuvre Belgium: Get the looks, Feel Luxurious: 4VOO

Of every businessman is expected at any time "top" appearance. Stress at work, little sleep, jet lag, burn-out, winter blues and irregular hours are fatal. The result is a pale, tired expression. 4VOO the luxury line offers the solution: it gives each man back who looks successful and is ideal for the holidays! Some of the products 4VOO camouflage imperfections and accentuate strong features.

He looks better with a tan...

"4VOO Face and Body Bronzer is a non-greasy serum with skin care ingredients. This tinted serum - which fully mixes with the men's skin - immediately gives him an energetic look and natural tanned complexion and after a midweek skiing. The solution for a dull and sallow skin. "4VOO Moisturizing Self-Tanner, tanning revolution in men's skin care is the healthy alternative to tanning!
Retail Price 4VOO Face and Body Bronzer: € 61 - Sales 4VOO Moisturizing Self-Tanner: € 72

Too little sleep?

"4VOO Confidence Corrector is an opaque stick that corrects blemishes and blue circles under the eyes hiding. These sticks can also be used after surgery for bruising to hide unwanted blemishes on the face or body to eliminate or hide tattoos.
Sale Price: € 39

Glitter, but without a shiny visage!

"4VOO Shine Reduction Powder is an essential item and is in the pocket of every businessman. This powder may eliminate sweat and sebum, and it looks flawless in every situation.
Sale Price: € 48

4VOO skin-coach

Men may be accompanied by the "skin 4VOO coaches" in the "4VOO men's skin care centers" These professionals are specialists in men's care to learn it step by step how his discomfort in minutes to eliminate.

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4VOO Reviews - Age Before Beauty? Not Anymore…

4Voo Press - Reviews

Women want to be with men who look as good as they do; and at the risk of political incorrectness---being attractive doesn’t hurt you on the job market either.

As we age, our skin loses elasticity, as collagen, a naturally-occurring protein, breaks down. Human’s genes are programmed to age, but our skin is also affected by the environment.

“By far the most important thing people can do to prevent their skin from aging prematurely is to wear at least an SPF 15 sunscreen every day. Look for a product that provides complete protection from both UVA and UVB rays, “Says Joel Weber, author of Age Erasers for men and senior associate editor at Men’s Health.

Botox, the nation’s most common non-surgical cosmetic procedure, paralyzes the skin by blocking muscle receptors. The muscle doesn’t receive the nerve’s message to contract, thus it can’t wrinkle. For those of us who’d rather avoid a needle to the face, the booming anti-aging products market provides a pain-free substitute.

4VOO’s Ultra Intensive Age-Defying Complex is designed to mimic the desired results of Botox. It moisturizes the skin and makes it firmer.

Men age differently than women. They have different pH levels, larger pores and thicker skin, because of testosterone. They also have another advantage—the razor.

“Men should reach for the razor every morning.” Advises Weber. “Shaving stimulates collagen production and smoothes the skin, and may be one reason why men have fewer wrinkles than women.”